Season 2
One More Kiss
One More Kiss
Season 2 | Episode 211 | Aired 01/07/2006

At a dinner party, Gabrielle kisses Tom when he says girls like her would never give him the time of day back in high school. Everyone laughs, except Lynette, who is most definitely not amused.

Bree lets slip the details of Gabby's affair, so Lynette is even more alarmed when she finds Gabby home alone with Tom because she stopped to help him get the groceries into the house. She asks Gabby pointblank if she's hitting on Tom and when Gabby asks what she's done to deserve this mistrust, Lynette says, "It's a small town. People talk." Tom gets an ego boost from the whole thing and insists that Bree's been checking him out when he goes to get his morning paper and Lynette lovingly laughs it off.


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