Season 2
We're Gonna Be All Right
We're Gonna Be All Right
Season 2 | Episode 212 | Aired 01/14/2006

Gabrielle's new gardener alerts her to a web site that has nude photos of her. Seems an old photographer boyfriend is getting even with her for dumping him. Carlos isn't thrilled about the situation, but since Gabby gave the boyfriend the photos as a gift, they're legally his. Gabby counters that he'll fold if Carlos roughs him up a little, but since Carlos has turned over a new leaf, he refuses.

So her next stunt is to do her everyday yoga on the front porch -- naked! She tells Carlos since he doesn't mind men drooling over her nude body, he should be fine with this. Carlos agrees to see the photographer, but plans just to talk him into taking the photos down. It turns out the ex was just about to do that without being asked. But then he tells Carlos that it's because Gabby wasn't "Internet pretty." That does it -- Carlos sends him crashing through the window.


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