Season 2
Could I Leave You?
Could I Leave You?
Season 2 | Episode 217 | Aired 03/25/2006

Gabrielle and Carlos reject a potential adoptive baby because its mother is hideously ugly. They do approve of a beautiful blonde who's a pole dancer -- but she rejects them because they're Latino. But since she'd said she expected presents, Gabrielle knows she can be bribed. After she is instantly swayed by a pair of diamond earrings, Gabrielle realizes that she wasn't racist, just looking for a bigger payday.

At her AA meetings, Bree's vagueness on how long she's been sober tips off a fellow AA member that she's still secretly drinking. She explains that she's not really an alcoholic, she's only coming to undermine Andrew's attempt to paint her as a bad mother. And her plan is working: with Bree appearing to be the model mother, Andrew's lawyer tells him he doesn't stand a chance in court.


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