Season 2
Everybody Says Don't
Everybody Says Don't
Season 2 | Episode 218 | Aired 04/01/2006
Bree apologizes to Lynette for endangering her kids and tells her that she's joined AA. Lynette forgives her, but is suspicious when Bree mentions her court date and wants to know what kind of testimony Lynette is going to give about the babysitting incident. Lynette says she's going to to tell the truth. But when Andrew's lawyer visits her, she says she doesn't want to testify. So he shows her a photo of Andrew with bruises that Bree supposedly gave him. Lynette is torn, but Gabrielle sides with Bree.

Lynette lets Andrew take a test drive of one of her client's SUVs while she sounds him out about the deposition and the situation at his home. He's more focused on he car than he is with the alleged abuse, so Lynette decides he's lying. So she lies through her teeth at the deposition, denying that Bree even has a drinking problem.


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