Season 2
It Wasn't Meant to Happen
It Wasn't Meant to Happen
Season 2 | Episode 220 | Aired 04/29/2006

Lily's birth father, Dale, shows up, determined to take the baby with him. Gaby says they'll see him in court.

Gaby visits Dale at his Christian high school and pulls him out of a rally to tell him she'll help with college if he'll give up Lily. He says he's got a scholarship so he's set. And he wants Lily for his brother so he can get his girlfriend, the baby's mother, back. Gaby interrupts the assembly and gives an impromptu speech praising the team for its moral uprightness and how none of them would knock up a stripper because if they did, they'd be kicked off the team and lose their scholarships. She has no problem having Dale sign away all his rights to the baby after that.


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