Season 2
It Wasn't Meant to Happen
It Wasn't Meant to Happen
Season 2 | Episode 220 | Aired 04/29/2006
With Claude out of the picture, Bree offers to be Peter's new sponsor and he tells her that will involve getting him out of some potentially ugly situations. She says it won't be a problem. Sure enough, he calls her from a sex party, where he's locked in the bathroom. He says he went there just to show her the kind of person he used to be and that's why he shouldn't be in her life. She says that Rex and George both lied to her, so as long as he's honest with her, everything will be OK.

Betty Applewhite has sold the house. When Matthew tells Danielle, she threatens to go to the police unless he finds a way to stop the move. So they come up with a plan for Caleb to attack Danielle. Bree agrees not to call the police right away, but she will if Caleb isn't gone immediately. So Betty shows Matthew her solution: a lethal dose of phenobarbital for Caleb.


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