Season 2
Season 2 | Episode 223 | Aired 05/13/2006
Carlos tells Gabrielle to take tennis lessons without him since he has to work on a road crew as part of his community service. At the country club, she sees a news report that he was killed in a car accident. She rushes home and tearfully tells Xiao Mei that Carlos is dead. A very flustered Xiao Mei begs her, "Please don't kill him!" Carlos, it turns out, is alive and well. It's his friend, Ralph, whom he paid off to take his place on the road crew, who was killed.

That night, he doesn't want to have sex with Gabrielle, which he blames on his grief over Ralph. Suspicious that he and Xiao Mei are having an affair, during Xiao Mei's next checkup she asks the gynecologist to tell her whether Xiao Mei is still a virgin. He gives her a thumbs-down.


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