Season 3
Listen to the Rain on the Roof
Listen to the Rain on the Roof
Season 3 | Episode 301 | Aired 09/23/2006

Six months after Mike was run over, he's still in the hospital in a coma. Susan visits him every day and remains hopeful that he'll wake up soon, despite his showing no improvement. She gets to know another regular visitor, Ian, whose wife Jane has been in a coma for three years. Soon he and Susan are sharing coffee and then one day he asks her if she'll go to dinner with him. She's so surprised, she spills her coffee all over Jane, and then covers the spill up with a blanket. She later tells a comatose Mike that she won't go if he'll just wake up, but he doesn't.

Tom is doing everything he can to include his love child, Kayla, in Scavo family activities, including the Christmas portrait. But her mother Nora decides she needs to be in the picture too, which is not okay with Lynette. No Nora, no Kayla, Nora decides, so the Scavos give in.


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