Season 3
Beautiful Girls
Beautiful Girls
Season 3 | Episode 309 | Aired 11/18/2006

Gabrielle is blue since her divorce from Carlos has been finalized, so her personal shopper, Vern, tells her that she should join him in coaching contestants in the Miss Snowflake beauty pageant for girls 8-12.

She reluctantly agrees but immediately regrets her decision when she sees that the girls are all quite plain or overweight. Vern tells her the girls really need her so she stays and gives them a demonstration on how to walk the catwalk. When one of the girls, Isabel, shows no confidence, she gives her a pep talk that has her walking with her head up high.

She bonds with all the girls, even springing for pizza for lunch. One chubby girl asks if you have to be skinny to be a model, and Gabrielle answers, "Of course," and then unthinkingly proceeds to tell them all the model's tricks -- purging, smoking, laxatives -- to avoid gaining weight. After she leaves, the girls all put their half-eaten pieces of pizza back.


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