Season 3
I Remember That
I Remember That
Season 3 | Episode 314 | Aired 02/10/2007

Mike has been seeing a hypnotherapist to try to remember details of his relationship with Monique. He now recalls how they first met -- she needed a plumber. She hit on him and he said he was seeing someone. She said she was too, but he's married and she's drunk. He had to go to the store for a tool, leaving his toolbox behind. When he came back, he saw someone else was there, but, in his hypnotic state, he can only remember seeing yellow rubber gloves. He doesn't know who the murderer is, but at least now he knows it's not him.

Bree tells Orson what Alma and his mother, Gloria, did to him while he was unconscious, but he refuses to go to the police. When she asks why, he replies it's time he finally told her what happened the night Monique died.


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