Season 3
The Little Things You Do Together
The Little Things You Do Together
Season 3 | Episode 315 | Aired 02/17/2007

As he's falling from the parking garage, Orson's life flashes before his eyes. He remembers walking in to find Gloria kneeling over a dead Monique. Fortunately, his fall is broken by some trees. He also has the good luck to land right next to an ambulance!

But, since he doesn't mention his fight with Mike, his fall is interpreted as a suicide attempt, given his psychiatric history. Orson admits to his doctor why he was committed as a teenager: His mother had ordered him to keep a watch on his father, who was depressed after a failed affair. Orson disobeyed and went out to meet his friends. When he came home, he found his father in the bathtub with his wrists slit. The doctor assumes Orson blamed himself for his father's death, and Orson grimly says that was his mother's job.


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