Season 3
Season 3 | Episode 318 | Aired 04/14/2007

At Victor's big debate with the mayor, Gabby walks in late with Toby. They sit in the front row and she puts her hand on his knee. Victor's sufficiently rattled that he can barely concentrate on the debate. Satisfied she's gotten her point across, Gabrielle and Toby waltz out, arm in arm. Victor sends her bouquet after bouquet and she still won't call him back, so he finally shows up in person with another one. He says what he did was thoughtless but her humiliating him in public was vicious. He tells her that unlike his political race, their relationship is not about winning, but about being happy.

Edie confronts Carlos about calling her bad in bed. She says if anyone was bad, it was him, but admits that sex is like tennis: when you play with a poor opponent, your game suffers. He asks if she's challenging him to a rematch and pulls her into the house. He throws her onto the table, where she lands on a fork, right before the table collapses! They both end up in the ER, needing painkillers and stitches. She tells Carlos now they can to back to being friends. After a trip to the zoo with Travers, Edie and Carlos are reviewing the digital photos and Carlos says someone mistook them for a family. They look at each other tenderly and end up in bed again, but this time the sex is dynamite.


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