Season 3
Into the Woods
Into the Woods
Season 3 | Episode 321 | Aired 05/05/2007

Lynette and Rick are enjoying another intimate dinner after the pizzeria closes when two hold-up men come in and lock them in the freezer, where they huddle together to keep warm. Tom doesn't realize Lynette is missing until the next morning. He rushes to free Lynette and is dismayed to realize she's been locked up all night with Rick. The three of them review the surveillance tapes and the cop assigned to the case accidentally rewinds too far, so that Tom sees just how unbusinesslike these late-night dinners with Rick and his wife are.

Tom takes Rick out to lunch the next day and asks him pointblank if he's sleeping with Lynette. Rick says he's not and Tom assures him that even if he should catch Lynette in a weak moment, there's no point in pursuing a romance with her since she'd never leave her family.


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