Season 3
Getting Married Today
Getting Married Today
Season 3 | Episode 323 | Aired 05/19/2007

Three days before her wedding, Gabrielle wants to know why Carlos hasn't RSVPed and he tells her he's not going because he'll jinx her marriage. She insists that Edie can't show up alone because everyone will think she has a problem with him seeing Edie. He says he'll burst out laughing when she swears "'till death do us part," so she gives up and tells him he can just come to the reception.

Lynette asks her sister Lucy for a loan to pay for her upcoming medical bills she'll incur in treating the lymphoma, but she's also strapped and can't help out. She orders her not to tell their mother, Stella, but she shows up anyway with her luggage, announcing she's there to help while Lynette goes through chemo since she managed to conquer breast cancer. Lynette wants her to leave, reminding Stella what a horrible mother she was. But Tom informs Lynette that Stella has come up with the $10,000 they need and they can't throw her out. Lynette tells him how Stella used to get drunk and smack her children around but Tom tries to persuade her that Stella has "mellowed."


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