Season 3
Getting Married Today
Getting Married Today
Season 3 | Episode 323 | Aired 05/19/2007
He tells her if he can forgive her for Rick, she can forgive her mother. "So forgiving my mother is my penance?" she asks and he tells her yes. Meanwhile, Stella has been listening at the door. Later, when she's babysitting Kayla, Stella asks if she knows anything about a guy named Rick. Kayla offers to tell her, if Stella will let her watch a "grown-up movie."

Mike worries that Susan is going over the top in planning their wedding, but she wants to make sure it won't pale in comparison to Bree and Gabrielle's lavish ceremonies. That night, she catches Mike sneaking out at 3 a.m. He's started advertising himself as a 24-hour plumber because he needs the extra cash to finance Susan's dream wedding. She offers to scale it back but he vows that even though he's not Ian, he's going to give her the same wedding Ian would have.


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