Season 3
Getting Married Today
Getting Married Today
Season 3 | Episode 323 | Aired 05/19/2007
Julie welcomes Bree and Orson home and asks where Danielle is. Bree tells her that she's spending a year abroad in Switzerland. Julie wonders why Danielle hasn't returned any of her calls or emails and Andrew blames it on the poor reception in the Swiss mountains. "This might not be as easy as we'd hoped," Bree frets after Julie leaves. Bree, pretending to be Danielle, types an email to Julie and just then Danielle calls from the nunnery where they've stashed her to ask to come home. Bree vows she's not coming home until after the baby is born but that they'll be up to visit her this weekend. She then removes her stomach padding and Orson notes that soon it will be time for the six-month size.

Susan feels so guilty that Mike fell asleep at the reception that she asks the reverend if he can marry the two of them later that night. MIke receives another late-night plumbing call, but when he arrives at "Mrs. Wolcott's," he finds the reverend with a suit. He leads Mike to where Susan is waiting for him in a white dress.He wants to know if she'll really be okay with this simple ceremony and she says only one thing has stayed constant in her wedding plans: Him. He tells her he's never seen her look so beautiful and the reverend begins.

Distraught over her breakup with Carlos, Edie leaves a note for him and then appears to hang herself.


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