Season 4
The Game
The Game
Season 4 | Episode 403 | Aired 10/13/2007
Susan asks Bree for the name of her obstetrician. Bree doesn’t have one, so she just picks a name out of the phone book. Susan is appalled at the place: it’s crawling with junkies and lowlifes! We’re as furious with Bree as she is. And we’re disappointed when, instead of coming clean with Susan about the fake pregnancy, Bree lies that there’ve been some complications with the baby that she wanted to keep secret.

Gaby is tired of having to sneak around to meet Carlos, but he assures her that Edie will only be a problem for two more weeks. When Victor gloats that a political rival’s wife has been caught shoplifting, we know it’s only a matter of time before he finds out that Gaby’s keeping much more scandalous secrets!

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