Season 4
If There's Anything I Can't Stand
If There's Anything I Can't Stand
Season 4 | Episode 404 | Aired 10/20/2007
Lynette's libido has returned, but Tom is put off by her bald head. She goes shopping for a new wig, and, on Gaby's advice, decides to do a little role playing. We love it when Lynette surprises Tom with a sexy red wig, introducing herself as "Brandy, the slutty cheerleader!" Tom buys a black wig, hoping for "Brandy's even sluttier sister, Candy." Lynette is offended that she's not enough for him and he admits it was a relief to pretend for one night she wasn't sick. She's upset at having been so selfish and agrees to give Candy a whirl. We say "awww" when he tells her tonight their fantasy can be that they're just Tom and Lynette.

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