Season 4
Now I Know, Don't Be Scared
Now I Know, Don't Be Scared
Season 4 | Episode 406 | Aired 11/03/2007

Susan is worried her baby might inherit bad DNA from Mike's side, because his dad, Nick, is in prison for murder! After meeting Nick, Susan is appalled that he doesn't feel any remorse about his crime. When he advises her that Mike has his own demons and to "keep an eye on him," we don't want to believe him.

Tom wants to celebrate that Lynette's nearly cancer-free but all she can focus on is the possum that's digging up their yard! We agree with Tom that it's an unhealthy obsession, but she's determined to take down the creature that is trying to "destroy" them. Her doctor gives her the good news in person: She's cancer-free! She goes outside to take in the news, where she finds the dead possum and we're touched when she tearfully apologizes to it.


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