Season 4
You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover
Season 4 | Episode 407 | Aired 11/10/2007

We can't blame Lynette for trying to unload her mother, Stella, on one of her sisters when Stella starts bringing strange men back to the house. But we feel bad for Stella when she overhears her other daughters talking about what a terrible mother she was and fully understand when Stella takes a taxi to points unknown.

Bree is shocked to hear that Orson doesn't want to get baby Benjamin circumcised, so she sneaks the baby out to be circumcised at a bris. We laugh when she vows to the rabbi, "He'll be as devout a Jew as I am." Orson is angry that she went behind his back and wants to know if she considers him the father or just a glorified babysitter. "Your son wants you to hold him," she says, handing him the baby.


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