Season 4
Distant Past
Season 4 | Episode 408 | Aired 11/24/2007
We’re biting our nails when the police find Victor’s empty boat: Carlos wants to confess the truth while Gaby intends to tell the police that Victor was possibly suicidal over her leaving -- a tough sell since the boat’s been scrubbed of all fingerprints! Edie tips off the police that Gabrielle and Carlos were having an affair, but Gaby denies it, claiming that Edie’s just spiteful because Carlos dumped her.

We’re just as surprised as Gaby and Carlos are when Victor is found alive! And we’re on pins and needles about what he’ll tell the police. It looks like Gaby’s caught a lucky break: he’s got amnesia! But after the police leave, we gasp as he grabs her by the throat and tells her he remembers everything!


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