Season 4
Season 4 | Episode 411 | Aired 04/12/2008

We're surprised when Lynette decides to attend church with Bree. But not very surprised when she breaks protocol by asking a series of questions about the sermon in front of the whole congregation. Bree not so subtly tells her to worship elsewhere.

Bree realizes that she's blown it when her pastor tells her he was thrilled to see a new, and so enthusiastic, parishioner. Since she's trying to butter up the pastor so he'll ask her to head the ladies' auxiliary, she rushes to the Catholic church to fetch Lynette! We laugh at the scene she causes when Lynette refuses to leave! And we feel for Lynette when she says that during her recent trials, she envied Bree's faith, but now she's lost her faith in Bree. Bree apologizes for letting Lynette down. They're friends again, but we smile at the reason Lynette decides to stay where she is: the Catholics don't judge her for having so many kids!


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