Season 4
Opening Doors
Opening Doors
Season 4 | Episode 414 | Aired 05/03/2008

Susan is dismayed to find that her ex-husband Karl -- and his new, younger wife -- are in her Lamaze class and bragging about how terrific their life is. Mike's at a rehab meeting, so for the following week, she talks Mike into dressing up to show Karl that their lives are also worth bragging about. Her plans are shot, however, when Mike mentions he's just celebrated 30 days of being sober. Mike insists that being honest is part of recovery and that's more important to him than what her ex thinks.

At the next class, neither Mike nor Karl's wife are there and Susan tells Karl he wins, he's got the perfect life. She admits that she's nervous about having a baby with Mike since she's not entirely sure he's clean. Karl says he thinks Mike will be there for her more than he ever was, and that he admires Mike's honesty. And, he admits that his own life isn't quite as perfect as he was making it out to be.


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