Season 4
The Gun Song
The Gun Song
Season 4 | Episode 416 | Aired 05/17/2008
Bree cozies up to her reverend to convince Orson that it's over between them, but it works far too well! We have to laugh when the reverend moves in for a kiss! Unfortunately, when Bree rejects him, he's horribly offended. The reverend and Orson fight over Bree and their argument goes out over the p.a. system to the whole congregation! The reverend calls Bree a "flame-haired Jezebel" and we're as proud as Bree is to hear Orson defending her honor.

Susan and Mike agree to name their son Conner, but then Mike's grandfather dies and he wants to name the boy after him. Susan agrees, until she finds out that his grandfather's name was Maynard! We can't blame her for wanting to change it back to Conner, but aren't surprised when she tries to do so behind Mike's back. Mike tells her how his grandfather raised him after his father went to jail and that he wants to give his son someone to live up to, so Susan resigns herself to a name she hates.


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