Season 5
Crime Doesn't Pay
Crime Doesn't Pay
Season 5 | Episode 516 | Aired 03/07/2009
Tom tactlessly shrugs off Orson's commiseration at the pizzeria's going-out-of-business sale, pointing out that losing your business to a bad economy is hardly the same as going to prison for a hit-and-run! Orson meant well, so we're kind of on his side when he pockets a salt shaker that Tom told him has sentimental value. Bree finds the item, which clearly says "Scavo's," and Orson fibs that he took it by accident.

Susan boasts to her friends that Katherine loves a painting of hers enough to display it on the mantelpiece. But after Katherine learns Susan painted it on her honeymoon with Mike, she replaces it with a photo of herself and Mike. (We’d do the same. No question.) At the party to celebrate Mike's moving in, Katherine lies that the painting was damaged, leading to a loud argument with Mike. He forces Katherine to apologize and she tearfully explains to Susan how hard it is to have her live right across the street. "Do I have to have a painting of your honeymoon too?" she protests. We have renewed admiration for Susan's kindness as she tells Mike she's taking the painting back.


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