Season 5
A Spark. To Pierce The Dark.
A Spark. To Pierce The Dark.
Season 5 | Episode 518 | Aired 03/21/2009
Dave calls the park ranger to report "illegal hunters," setting in motion his plan to "accidentally" kill Katherine on their upcoming camping trip. The next morning, Dave pretends to sleep in but quickly follows Katherine and Dave with his rifle.

Edie receives a fax naming Mike as the man Dave is after, but she's out of fax paper! ALL FOR NAUGHT!

It's bad enough that Karl's son Evan is in Susan's art class, but now he's drawing bloody, violent pictures. Karl insists they're nothing to worry about but when Evan's disturbing drawings continue, he reveals that his wife left them a few weeks ago. He expects Susan to gloat, since he did the same to her, but she can only say, "I'm so sorry."  


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