Season 5
Marry Me A Little
Marry Me A Little
Season 5 | Episode 522 | Aired 05/09/2009
Bree finds out just how shady a lawyer Karl is when he suggests she rob her own house to hide her assets from Orson. Bree being Bree, she goes about the process very neatly, but Karl encourages her to smash and grab, like a real burglar would. We smell a new pairing when Karl tells Bree she looks hot in black. Orson is shocked to see the house has been looted, and immediately insists it wasn't him.

Jackson makes Susan promise not to tell anyone that their upcoming wedding is a sham, not even MIke. Katherine is thrilled to hear that Susan's moved on, but we're not so sure that Mike has! There's one silver lining for him:  Susan's marriage means no more alimony payments. But Susan's been counting on that money and tells Jackson the wedding is off.


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