Season 6
Nice Is Different Than Good
Nice Is Different Than Good
Season 6 | Episode 601 | Aired 09/26/2009

Watch Another Desperate Housewife Pt. 1

Holy cow! We bet good money that Mike's bride would be Susan, but we didn't figure on Katherine going completely cuckoo-for-cocoa puffs after being dumped. So cuckoo that she tries on Susan's wedding dress! And then hijacks the wedding to demand a public apology from Susan. Mike nicely asks Katherine to leave and she seems to come to her senses but Susan offers an apology anyway. Katherine hugs her with a smile, but whispers that it didn't help. Yipes! We doubt these two former best friends will be making up any time soon!

Bree is having second thoughts about her affair with Karl and rejects hotel after hotel as unsanitary. We can't say we're pro-adultery, but when it comes to cheating on Orson, we're willing to turn a blind eye! Especially when his comment to Bree that "a little guilt is a small price to pay for happiness," is just the motivation she needs to make that rendezvous with Karl. "I've booked the hotel," she tells Karl, and we laugh heartily when she adds, "I've already changed the sheets and cleaned the bathroom." Trust Bree to keep a down-and-dirty affair squeaky clean!


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