Season 6
Being Alive
Being Alive
Season 6 | Episode 602 | Aired 10/03/2009
Lynette blurts out the next shocker: Julie's pregnant! Or might be. Lynette hasn't told anyone about her own pregnancy, not even her kids (she writes off her early morning sickness to bad clams), but when Julie found her crying in her yard, the two confided in each other, as Lynette now does to Susan.

We know Katherine's crazy, but is she crazy enough to attempt murder? We wonder when she finds Mike alone and tells him, "I'm here for you. Anytime." We're further disturbed when she tells Orson the marriage won't last. "Mike doesn't really love Susan. He just feel sorry for her. He'll be back."

Then again, we never thought we'd see the day when Bree and Karl would be shagging Karl on the sly! And loving it! Karl rushes from his tryst with Bree to Julie's bed at the hospital. They agree to cool the affair, given the circumstances, but immediately begin kissing, just as Julie opens her eyes! "Dad?" she asks and then is out again. We're encouraged that Julie's still got her wits about her, but we have to laugh at Bree and Karl's bad timing!


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