Season 6
Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
Season 6 | Episode 603 | Aired 10/10/2009

Watch Another Desperate Housewife Pt. 3

Gaby and family run into her former lover, John, at a local restaurant, which he owns! Hearing that he's now divorced, Gaby starts to primp and Carlos accuses her of "still having the hots" for John. She denies it, but we later catch her gazing fondly at an old photo of John.

Susan is shocked to see that Bob's sprung Danny Bolen from jail. Bob tells her he's just doing his job and that there was no evidence against Danny, but Susan insists on announcing Danny's guilt to the entire street.

Karl asks Bree to go to Vegas for the weekend, but she turns him down, saying they're not in love and that Karl is just a "delightful diversion." But by the bitchy way she acts when she sees Karl with a hot young date we realize he means much more than that to her. Horrified that Karl and Candace are headed for "their" motor lodge, she comes up with a plan to eliminate her rival: When Candace is dancing with Orson, Bree spills salad oil on the floor, causing Candace to fall and break her nose. Orson mistakenly thinks the sabotage was because Candace was dancing with him! "A woman doesn't pull a stunt like that over a man she's not in love with," he tells her, which prompts Bree to call Karl and say yes to Vegas.


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