Season 6
Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
Season 6 | Episode 603 | Aired 10/10/2009
Lynette finally tells her kids that she's expecting twins, giving Preston the chance to deliver a role-reversal rebuke that has us in stitches: "I hope you're happy. You've destroyed both your futures for a few moments of pleasure." She's just about to tell Carlos when he stuns her by offering her the position of Senior VP, including a 50 percent pay bump! She convinces Tom to keep quiet about her pregnancy for now. She's immediately put to the test at a dinner with an important client, whose wine she can't refuse to drink. We admire Tom's quick solution: Through sleight-of-hand, he manages to drink all her wine for her, getting thoroughly drunk in the process.

When Angie insists to Nick they can't change their names and flee -- again -- we think that they must be running from something much worse that suspicion of murder. Like, say, the mob? Why else would they keep a loaded gun in the house, one Angie urges Danny to use if he needs it?


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