Season 6
Don't Walk on the Grass
Don't Walk on the Grass
Season 6 | Episode 606 | Aired 10/31/2009

Watch Another Desperate Housewife Pt. 6

We cringe when Juanita utters the f-word during a school play, but we cringe even harder at Gaby's overreaction to the proposed punishment: She curses out the principal and yanks Juanita out of the "crappy" school. But now Gaby has no choice but to home school Juanita, which goes as badly as we would have guessed. Juanita misses her friends and we wince after she doesn't answer when Gaby asks, "You still think I'm a good mom, right?"

Lynette is appalled to learn that Tom cheated on a test at school, but he insists, "There are times in life when you need to break the rules to survive." We're worried when he admits he might flunk out. He points out that she can't take the moral high ground since she's continued to lie about being pregnant, knowing that if Carlos finds out, she could lose her job. "You're no better than I am," he tells her.


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