Season 6
Careful the Things You Say
Careful the Things You Say
Season 6 | Episode 607 | Aired 11/07/2009

Watch Another Desperate Housewife Pt. 7

When Lynette catches Julie arguing with Nick, Julie is forced to admit that Nick was the guy she was seeing. Lynette swears, "I will handle this," and promises not to tell Susan, but we know Lynette's going to find a way around that!

Susan, meanwhile, is at the police station to get them to investigate Katherine as a suspect, but they're unconvinced. "Is there anyone here who understands a woman can be a psycho killer too?" Susan asks and Denise, a female detective, promises to look into the case. Susan is relieved, but what she doesn't know is that Denise went to high school with her and still holds a grudge against her!

Carlos offers to get Gaby some help by hiring a housekeeper, but she'd rather have a tutor. "You'd rather scrub toilets than teach your daughter?" "At least the toilets won't talk back," says Gaby, who cannot get Juanita to listen to her. Luckily, the new housekeeper is a whiz at fractions: She's a Romanian refugee with a PhD! Gaby's got her tutor after all! But when the house remains uncleaned, Carlos hires a different cleaning lady without telling her. Now Gaby has no choice but to talk Ivana into tutoring, and to do her cleaning for her! Carlos finds out and Gaby admits she makes a lousy teacher. We're glad Carlos finally agrees!


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