Season 6
The Coffee Cup
The Coffee Cup
Season 6 | Episode 608 | Aired 11/14/2009
Watch Another Desperate Housewife Pt. 8

For having shot Katherine, Susan is sentenced to community service. When Katherine stops by to gloat, and throws her drink for Susan to pick up, Susan gets her busted for littering. We're so glad the drama seems to behind them when Katherine finally says, "It's time to admit defeat. the man I love chose you. " Hallelujah! But then she cries that she'll never find a man who'll make love to her five times a day and Susan freaks out that Mike's never done that with her! She starts ambushing Mike at every opportunity, until he finally begs for a break. "Katherine turns you on and sex with me is a chore," she sobs, so Mike sets her straight: He and Katherine only hit that record because they were snowed in at his cabin. "Sex was all we ever had," he tells Susan. "You and I have everything."

Lynette is waiting to tell Carlos about her pregnancy until after she closes a huge deal to open a branch in Florida. The deal done, she's confident she can take maternity leave with the capable Terrence to take her place. But then Carlos wants to send Terrence to run the Florida office! Gaby's behind the suggestion: Terrence has a child in second grade at the local Catholic school and if he moves, the slot will open up for Juanita! Lynette has Terrence and his wife over for dinner to "celebrate," but really to talk him out of moving. She and Tom successfully talk him out of moving, but now Gaby wants her to talk him back into it. She catches Lynette at home, minus her oversized clothes, and realizes she's pregnant. Lynette begs Gaby not to tell Carlos, but we know that's not gonna happen. The next day, Carlos offers Lynette the Florida position, saying, "I'm not firing you Lynette, I'm offering you a promotion." The only option he's left her with is quitting!


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