Season 6
You Gotta Get a Gimmick
You Gotta Get a Gimmick
Season 6 | Episode 612 | Aired 01/09/2010
Karl leaves an interest in a strip club to Susan and she's astonished to find that Mike is a regular customer! Even thought he's only there to work on the plumbing, she forbids him from ever going back. He bristles at being told what to do, so Susan decides to do her own strip routine after summoning Mike to the club for a bogus job. When he sees other men trying to slip dollars into her bra, he gets her point.

Gabrielle and Carlos can't thank Lynette enough for saving Celia's life. Since they're going to keep paying Lynette her salary until after she has the baby, Tom suggests that he fill in for Lynette. We're not surprised that Lynette hates the idea. She is even more upset when Tom does a spectacular job and when she learns that he expects her to stay home with the baby when it comes. Tom, poor guy, honestly thought that's what she'd want because they'd lost the other twin. He tries to get her to talk about their loss but she says that just make things worse. We feel sorry for both of them when he drops the subject and agrees to step down when she's ready to go back to work.


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