Season 6
Season 6 | Episode 615 | Aired 02/20/2010
Robin's presence on Wisteria Lane makes the men perk up and the women jealous. Lynette says. "I have teenage boys at home. The last thing I need next door is a stripper." Katherine, who's back from her stay at the mental institution says, "She can't bring any more crazy to this street than I did."

Lynette is horrified to find out that her son, Parker, has offered Robin money to have sex with him! Parker explains that he's the only one of his friends who's still a virgin. Tom tells him it'll happen, in a few years. But he observes to Lynette, "Guys always pay for sex in some way, dinner, flowers, antique rings." She takes offense, since he just gave her a ring for their anniversary and is now expecting not only sex but an "upgrade." She explains that the reason she slept with him the first time wasn't because of the expensive dinner, but because he had brought over a lightbulb to make her apartment more safe, and we can see the lightbulb go on in Tom's head.


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