Season 6
My Two Young Men
My Two Young Men
Season 6 | Episode 618 | Aired 03/20/2010
After Lynette catches Preston and Irena having sex in the house, she asks them not to let it happen again. Preston's solution: He and Irena are getting their own apartment. Tom expects Lynette to object, but she remembers how miserable their tiny first apartment made them. But her plan backfires when they get a three-bedroom apartment, which means that Preston is giving up on college and getting a job at a meat packing plant!

Lynette loses it and calls Irena a "self-serving piece of eurotrash who would sell her own mother for a pair of designer jeans!" We have to admit she deserves it when Irena throws her homemade borscht on her. Irena wise realizes she can't win the battle as long as she's just Preston's girlfriend, so she pressures him to move up the wedding to next week! Lynette now has no choice but to be nice to her.

Katherine is happily sleeping with Robin -- she just doesn't want anyone to know about it! But the secret comes out at a neighborhood party when everyone overhears Katherine tell Robin, "Just because i enjoy having sex with you doesn't mean I am a lesbian!" Katherine tells Robin she cares too much about what people think and packs Robin's bags for her. We feel terrible for Robin --- until Katherine says she wants to go with her! Awwww!


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