Season 6
My Two Young Men
My Two Young Men
Season 6 | Episode 618 | Aired 03/20/2010
Susan and Gaby get into an all-out war when both desperately want their kid to win the school's candy-selling contest. Susan wants MJ, who never wins anything, to win to boost his self-esteem and Gaby wants Juanita, who has no friends, to get the party that goes to the winner. Both women engage in underhanded tactics, until Juanita confides to Susan that she just wants her mother to be proud of her. Susan takes MJ aside and tells him there's another way to be a winner, by letting Juanita win the contest.

Bree tells Danielle about Sam, so she returns for a tense dinner to meet her newly discovered half-brother. Andrew is nauseated to hear of Sam's many accomplishments including working with the poor and taking care of his sick mother. When Bree learns that Sam can also play the guitar, she brings out Rex's old guitar from the closet. Andrew objects, saying, "You're giving out my dad's stuff to a total stranger and I'm being unreasonable?" He suggests they split the guitar and then smashes it against the wall! "Yeah, I know he's the perfect son," Andrew observes after Bree chews him out and praises Sam's behavior. "Problem is, he's not yours."


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