Season 6
My Two Young Men
My Two Young Men
Season 6 | Episode 618 | Aired 03/20/2010
Orson is also disturbed at how attached Bree is to Sam and asks Andrew, "What do we really know about him? He seems to be too good to be true, huh?" Andrew realizes all they know about Sam is what he's told them and vows to find out "everything I can."

Nick wants to tell Danny that he's not his biological father, but Angie assures him, "You're the only father he needs to know."

We finally meet Patrick Logan, who comes to pay off the neighbor who tipped him off about Angie's whereabouts. "She took something from me," he says. "I'm going to take it back." He lives up to his violent reputation when he kills the woman after she asks him not to hurt Angie! We're definitely worried when we see Patrick Logan on Wisteria Lane, watching Danny, unseen.

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