Season 6
We All Deserve to Die
We All Deserve to Die
Season 6 | Episode 619 | Aired 04/17/2010

We're troubled to see someone clipping a newspaper article about a missing teenage girl and pasting it into a scrapbook -- right next to the article about Julie's attack.

Mike's truck is repossessed because he's behind on payments. "Enough with the macho pride," Susan tells him, but he won't take any money from her. Susan comes up with a scheme: She pays her friends to clog up their plumbing. Mike catches on, especially when he finds Susan's earring in Gaby's drain. He insists he doesn't want her help. "If you can't let me help you, maybe there's something wrong with our marriage," Susan says. Mike confesses his real money woes -- he's totally broke! It's not Susan he tells, but Carlos, who asks him, "How much do you need?"

Andrew's been digging into Sam's past, including his supposed MBA. "Turns out Golden Child here never got his degree," he tells Sam in front of Bree. Sam explains that he's a "few classes short" because he left school to care for his dying mother. Sam then shows Bree that Andrew charged some items to clients, then used them for himself. Andrew tells Bree that Sam's manipulating her, so she fires Andrew. Sam is alarmed to hear that she plans to eventually take Andrew back in, so when the food is sabotaged at an important dinner we suspect him, not Andrew. Bree believes Sam, but Orson points out that this kind of smart, subtle sabotage is more Sam's style.


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