Season 6
We All Deserve to Die
We All Deserve to Die
Season 6 | Episode 619 | Aired 04/17/2010
Patrick Logan shows up at the coffee shop where Danny works and strikes up a conversation. He tells him he's writing a book. "It started out as a love story but now it's getting kind of dark." He asks Danny for advice on what to do next with the story, which is about a woman who vanished with the main character's son. "Seems to me like the guy would kill her," Danny suggests. "That was my first instinct too." He goes back to the cafe to tell Danny that that was "too easy" and instead, he's going to have his main character take the son.

Gaby overhears Bob and Lee fighting -- their egg donor backed out. Gaby has a suggestion: "Why not take mine?" Carlos tells her he doesn't want her "handing out your eggs like party favors to every childless gay couple that wanders by." Gaby won't listen to him, until Bob and Lee make it clear they don't want her to have an active part in raising the child. Gaby has Carlos tell Bob and Lee that the arrangement is off. When she goes to see how they're taking the news, she's shocked to hear that Lee has left Bob.


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