Season 6
A Little Night Music
A Little Night Music
Season 6 | Episode 621 | Aired 05/01/2010
Gaby wants Carlos to buy her a chalet, but he tells her that "all our money is tied up in a business deal." She grills their business manager, who spills the beans about the loan to Mike. Gaby stops by, thinking Susan is in dire need, and is shocked when Susan shows off their new piano. It's inherited, but Susan wants the chance to gloat about her big "splurge," which is thanks to Mike's "big cash infusion." Gaby tells her the truth: "Carlos loaned Mike the 50 grand." Susan can't believe Mike would rather borrow money from Carlos than take any from her, so the women scheme to have the men fess up. Gaby leads Mike to believe that Carlos and Susan are having an affair, while Carlos gets madder and madder to learn of Mike's extravagant purchases. The men finally admit the truth and Susan makes Mike promise to never "freeze me out like this" again. He reluctantly hands over his financial paperwork.

Eddie arrives at the Scavos with groceries in hand. Lynette is impressed, until Eddie attacks Porter for calling his mother a "bitch!" Eddie explains he can't stand to see Lynette disrespected. "What happened today can never happen again," she tells Eddie. "I grew up with an alcoholic mother. I know what it feels like to be angry all the time." Tom is incensed to hear about the attack, but Lynette defends the boy: "Eddie comes from an abusive home, we have to expect that he has some baggage." Tom agrees to pay for Eddie to see a therapist, who is definitely understating when he tells Lynette that Eddie has a lot of issues. He's not optimistic about progress, unless they get Eddie's mother, Barbara, involved. But when Lynette goes to see her, a neighbor tells her, "No one's seen her for days."


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