Season 6
A Little Night Music
A Little Night Music
Season 6 | Episode 621 | Aired 05/01/2010
Bree begins to wonder about Sam when she sees him arguing with a woman who works at the grocery store. Bree stops by the store to question the woman and we're shocked -- but not too surprised, really -- to find out that she's Sam's mother! "Are you aware that Sam goes around telling people that you're dead," Bree asks.

The woman mentions a letter Rex sent when Sam was four, offering Sam a better life and asking for full-time custody. Sam found the letter a few months ago. "When he realized he could have lived all those years with his dad in a fancy house, he was beyond livid." Bree tells Sam she's met his mother and he loses it. "If she had loved me, she would have let me live the life that I was entitled to," he shouts as he throws a vase across the room. Bree apologizes to Andrew: "You were right from the start, I never should have trusted him." Bree confesses it won't be that easy to cut Sam out of their life: "I'm afraid of him."


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