Season 6
The Ballad of Booth
The Ballad of Booth
Season 6 | Episode 622 | Aired 05/08/2010
Lynette has been trying to get Eddie's alcoholic mother, Barbara, to come to therapy with him, but when she hears from the neighbors that no one's seen Barbara in days, Eddie assures her that his mom is just off on one of her usual benders.

John Booth, the detective in charge of the Fairview Strangler case, has finally caught a break with his first viable suspect. Trouble is, when they find Irina's body, they haul Preston in for questioning. Since he was in Europe when the other murders took place, Preston's in the clear. But even so, the investigation spooks Eddie into moving back home. Lynette tells Eddie, "I already think of you as family," as she hugs him goodbye and we get a chill when he says, "I would have turned out so differently if you were my mom."

Gaby is shocked to find out that Carlos hates the lasagna she's been cooking him for the last 11 years. She's tried to replicate his mother's version, but Mama Solis was killed in a hit and run before she could share the recipe.

One of the reasons Mike's in such a deep financial hole: His clients haven't been paying him. "It's time people pay the piper for the pipes," Susan insists. She decides to collect the back payments in person, but when crying doesn't get her anywhere, she discovers that her "inner bully" is much more effective. Susan is so successful in gathering payments that she thinks they're in the clear, until Mike informs her they've got IRS troubles. Susan decides to exercise her newfound bullying skills on the IRS, but instead they get saddled with enormous fines. Mike laments, "We've got nothing to fall back on," but Susan somberly tells him, "We've got the house." They tell their friends they'll be renting out their house, while they'll live in a nearby apartment.


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