Season 6
The Ballad of Booth
The Ballad of Booth
Season 6 | Episode 622 | Aired 05/08/2010
Bree doesn't know how to get rid of Sam, so Orson suggests that they pay him off. Bree drafts a substantial check, claiming it was what Rex would have wanted, but when she tries to show Sam the door, he tears up the check. "You can't buy me off. I belong here. I'm a Van de Kamp. If you ever insult me again, you're going to wish you hadn't."

Bree's next move is to invite Sam and some "friends" over for tea: two retired cops who share their off-the-book methods of intimidating dirtbags with him. Sam gets the message and Bree is thrilled: Until Sam responds with his own threat. "I want you to sign over your company to me," he says, or else he'll tell the cops about "Andrew, your son, getting into a car and running down Carlos's mother."

Patrick is holding Angie hostage in her home so she'll build a bomb for him, so it's a bit awkward when Gaby barges in asking for Angie's best lasagna recipe. Danny arrives home, thinking that Angie has texted him, and Patrick takes him hostage as well.


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