Season 6
The Ballad of Booth
The Ballad of Booth
Season 6 | Episode 622 | Aired 05/08/2010
Gaby returns with the lasagna to ask Angie to taste test it. Seeing her chance, Angie takes the dish into the kitchen and inserts a note saying, "Danny and I held hostage. No cops. Get Nick." But Gaby, thinking that Angie hated her lasagna, throws it out. Luckily, Juanita and Celia get hungry and fish it out of the garbage, and find the note.

At the precinct to pick up Porter, Lynette overhears that the police have found another body: Barbara's! Lynette's first thought is to rush to Eddie and tell him the bad news, but before she can finish the sentence, "It's about your mom..." he tells her he just spoke to his mother and she's fine! Lynette is relieved, saying she must have misheard the name. We're horrified when she realizes what's really going on. "You didn't just talk to her," she says. "And your mom's not in Florida, is she?" "I really wish you hadn't come here," Eddie says and proceeds to lock the door!

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