Season 6
I Guess This Is Goodbye
I Guess This Is Goodbye
Season 6 | Episode 623 | Aired 05/15/2010

Lynette is horrified to realize that Eddie didn't just kill his mother: He's the Fairview Strangler! He doesn't want to hurt Lynette, who's been so kind to him, so he says he'll drop off her off in a remote place so she won't immediately call the police. "I can't go anywhere," she says. "My water just broke. This baby is coming now. And you have to help me deliver it." Eddie reluctantly helps, but panics when he sees that the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. "Listen to me. You have the chance to save a life," she tells him. "Please!" He manages to move the cord and the baby is safely delivered.

Eddie prepares to leave, but Lynette tells him, "Wait. That day at the house, you told me that your life would have turned out so differently if I had been your mom. So I'm going to be your mom now." She asks him to turn himself in. When he says, "I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail," she points out, "Don't you see that you're already there? As long as you want to keep hurting people, you will never be free. People will never see that you're good, unless you show them." He walks out the door, then walks back in. "Will you call them for me?" he asks tearfully.

Susan and Mike hold a yard sale, where Karen and Roy offer to pay $100 for one of MJ's stuffed toys. Susan sticks to the 50 cent sale price. But when MJ asks where his toy is, Susan realizes it's been sold by mistake. She goes to get it back from Roy, but he's already given it to his grandson, who's deaf. Susan sadly informs MJ, "That's life. Sometimes you can be a good person and life still won't give you your dinosaur back." Mike realizes she's furious at him, not "life," and tells her, "Let me have it." "Yeah, I resent you," she yells. "You blew it. Thanks to you, I have to leave the home where I raised my children." She reminisces about measuring her children's height against the door post. "We're going to get it back," he assures her, but in the meantime, he pries off the door post to take with them.

Since only family is allowed during non-visiting hours, Gaby gets in to see Nick at the hospital by pretending to be Angie. She brings him out of his coma and drives him to his house, where they figure out how to rescue Angie and Danny from Patrick's clutches. But Nick passes out, so Gaby's on her own! She talks a clueless Susan into saying goodbye to Angie while she climbs into the upstairs bedroom to free Danny.


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