Season 7
Remember Paul?
Remember Paul?
Season 7 | Episode 701 | Aired 09/25/2010

There's a brand new housewife in the neighborhood! Okay, Renee Perry (Vanessa Williams) isn't exactly a housewife since she spends a lot of her time zipping around in a private jet. So when a shiny black limo comes rolling down Wisteria Lane, Lynette knows her old college friend Renee has just arrived.

Renee and Lynette have a bit of a twisted friendship. They constantly hurl vicious insults at each other, though always with a smile. Lynette says, "Renee comes off a little stuck-up when you first meet her, which is a real time-saver." Stuff like that.

The playful teasing takes a turn for the nasty when Renee insinuates that Lynette has not lived up to the potential she showed in college. Renee says, "It's just hard for me to reconcile this suburban housewife with the girl who had a threesome with two of the guys from the rugby team." Our jaws drop right along with Tom's. [quote-right]

Lynette's had enough of Renee and tells her old college chum to hit the road. The problem is Renee has nowhere to go. Her superstar pro athlete husband is leaving her for another woman. A devastated Renee had to abandon her once-charmed life without a real game plan. Lynette offers her a place to stay for as long as she wants. We're just wondering if Renee is going to expect Lynette to do her laundry.


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