Season 7
Remember Paul?
Remember Paul?
Season 7 | Episode 701 | Aired 09/25/2010
Susan, Mike and MJ try to make the most of their new, sparse living conditions. The woman who manages the complex where they now reside runs a website called " Catchy name, right? The site features videos of women doing housework in lingerie. It pays big bucks, but Susan isn't about to be videoed vacuuming in a teddy. She plans to make some cash selling her homemade jewelry. But when earring sales slump, Susan has no choice but do a little "dirty dusting" for a sleazy online audience.

[quote-left]After all these years, Bree finally tells Gaby that Andrew is the mystery driver who ran down her mother-in-law. Gaby wishes Bree had never said anything because now she'll have to tell her hubby. Speaking of Carlos, he gets some news he can't possibly share with Gaby, Thanks to a hospital worker's goof years ago, Gaby and Carlos took home the wrong newborn. Juanita is not their real daughter.

Gaby opts to not tell Carlos what really happened to his mother and Carlos opts to not tell Gaby about the Juanita situation. They are both looking out for each other, as they know the news would be devastating. Some things are better left unsaid. But are they truly better left unknown?

Orson's physical therapist, Judy, helps him move the last of his things out of Bree's house. This is all very hard on Bree, so Orson suggests she throw herself into a project. When a flap of wallpaper peels away, Bree rips off the entire sheet. Soon she's tearing every last shred of wallpaper down. Looks like she found herself a project!


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