Season 7
You Must Meet My Wife
You Must Meet My Wife
Season 7 | Episode 702 | Aired 10/02/2010

Bree makes the mistake of backing her car down the driveway while gazing longingly at her handyman, Keith. THUMP! Bree’s back bumper has a rude run-in with Juanita as she rides by on her bike. At the hospital, Gaby says Juanita will be fine but will need to stay a few days for observation. She also asks Bree and Andrew to stop running down members of her family. Not an unreasonable request.

[quote-left]Bree finds Keith to be too much of a sexual distraction, so she fires him. But a little pep talk from Mrs. McCluskey about living life to the fullest inspires her to hire him back. Of course, she ends up backing her car into the guy before they can discuss the possibility of a health plan.

With Carlos out of town, Gaby fields all the usual allergy questions from the nurse. She’s a little confused after the nurse asks when Juanita was adopted. See, both Carlos and Gaby are blood type O. Juanita is type A. Gaby worries that she may have gotten so drunk during a ski weekend eight years ago that she may have conceived Juanita with a French guy she affectionately referred to as “le package.” She thinks Juanita might be French!

Gaby tries to convince Carlos that she suffers from a rare condition known as sexsomnia. She says, “It’s like sleepwalking except instead of using your legs you use your…you know.” Carlos realizes the reason Gaby has concocted such a wild story is because she thinks she may have unwittingly cheated on him. He has no choice but to tell Gaby the truth. Juanita is not their daughter. Gaby is beyond crushed.


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